Indian Emerald (Indian Panna)

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    Treatment Fracture Filling

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    Color Green


Indian Emerald is a medium to dark green coloured variety of Emerald gemstone originated in India. It is majorly used for ornamental and astrological purposes. Vedic astrology recommends Emeralds to be worn for success in business, studies and creative career. It is also regarded as the May month birthstone in the western astrology.


Whether purchasing an Indian Emerald stone for astrological or jewellery purposes, it is always essential to ascertain its quality by going through a couple of quality parameters as mentioned below so that you buy the best quality Indian Emerald gemstone.

  •         Colour

Emerald from Indian mines come in various shades ranging from yellowish green to green and bluish green. The best quality Indian Emeralds come from the Ajmer mines (Rajasthan). They usually display a lively vivid green hue, but they are rarely available in the market. Dark green Indian Emerald from Jharkhand mines are more common in trade and are quite affordable. Astrologically, it is recommended to wear a medium dark green colour Indian Panna stone to gain good results in life.

  •         Clarity

Nearly 99% of the Emeralds, Indian or otherwise come with some inclusions. Therefore, one needs to be little accommodative about these natural imperfections. The level of transparency also bears an influence on the Emerald’s quality. Indian Emeralds are generally translucent to opaque and are rarely transparent. A good quality Indian Panna stone always has lesser inclusions present at inconspicuous places within the crystal.

  •         Cut

Indian Emerald stones are often cut to enhance colour and clarity without damaging the stone or losing much weight. Considering these factors, the gem cutters usually prefer to cut Indian Emerald gemstone in oval, round or rectangular octagonal. A poorly faceted Indian Emerald may end up losing its colour and overall value in the market.


The price of Indian Emerald is decided by assessing its Colour, Clarity, Cut and Carat weight. Due to its moderate quality, Indian Panna prices are usually less in comparison to Emeralds from the other renowned origins like Colombia or Zambia.

Note: Indian Emerald price per ranges between ₹800 per carat ($12 approx.) to ₹5,500 per carat ($85 approx.) plus, depending upon its quality and size. The prices in other countries like the USA, UAE and UK may vary significantly depending upon the quality, size and supply.

  •         Colour

Indian Panna stone price is always higher for gems in pure green hue. Emeralds having the secondary tones of blue or yellow are comparatively less valuable. The presence of colour zoning (uneven distribution of colour) also decreases the value of Indian Emerald stone in the market.

  •         Clarity

Majority of Indian Emeralds are lightly or heavily included with visible inclusions. An Indian Emerald with good clarity and no visible inclusion is extremely rare and undoubtedly expensive. The price of Indian Emeralds may drop steeply for heavily included gems with high opacity.

  •         Cut

Owing to its moderate clarity and colour, Indian Emeralds are generally faceted in tradition oval, round and Emerald cut. It is done to maintain the colour without causing any significant weight loss. Low grade Indian Emeralds are often cut in cabochons (polished, non-faceted gems) and can be purchased at discounted prices.

  •         Carat weight

Since bigger and finer quality pieces are rare, the per carat price of Indian Emerald rises in higher proportion with respect to their weight. However, for average to low quality stones, the rise in Indian Emerald stone price per carat remains linear.

Indian Emerald or Indian Panna stone is a variety of the natural Emerald gemstone resourced from India. It is characterised by its medium to dark green body colour and moderate clarity. These Emeralds are found in the Emerald mines of India located in Rajasthan, Jharkhand, Orissa and Tamil Nadu. These valuable green gemstones are used in ornaments, offerings and religious purposes. In Indian vedic astrology, it is worn as the rashi ratan of the planet Mercury to promote intellectual abilities, creative skills, financial success and good physical health. It is also recommended as the birthstone for the month of May according to the western astrology. It is a much affordable Emerald variety for those who find difficulty in buying the highly expensive Colombian and Zambian Emeralds.

Yes! You can wear natural Indian Emerald stone to gain good astrological results if the quality is not compromised. Astrologically, it is recommended to wear a natural lively green coloured Emerald (Panna gemstone) with good transparency and minimum inclusions to gain maximum benefits in life. The heated and treated Emeralds stones should be strictly avoided for astrological use. Due to geographical factors, most of the Indian Emeralds lack good transparency. Therefore, astrologers generally recommend the natives to prefer a Colombian Emerald or a Zambian Emerald over the Indian ones. This is because Emeralds from Colombia and Zambia are comparatively less included and more transparent. But if the budget is low, one can choose to wear a natural, unheated and untreated Indian Emerald for better outcomes in life.

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