Cylon Blue Sapphire

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  • Stone Type precious

    Treatment Unheated and Untreated (No Indications Observed

  • Cut Asrequired

    Certification As Required

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    Composition Natural

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    Color Blue


The Ceylon Sapphire, also known as Sri Lankan Sapphire, as the name suggests, are high-quality precious Sapphire gemstones obtained from the mines of Sri Lanka. The Ceylon Sapphire is one of the most highly sought-after Sapphires sourced from Ceylon, Sri Lanka and comes in vibrant colours such as blue & yellow. These mesmerizing gemstones range from the sophisticated Ceylon Blue Sapphire (Ceylon Neelam) to the magnificent Ceylon Yellow Sapphire (Ceylon Pukhraj). These Sapphires sourced from Sri Lanka are considered to be of the finest quality and are usually considered to be top-shelf by both jewelers and gemstone collectors alike. Sri Lanka is known to produce the finest quality of a lot of precious as well as semi-precious gemstones, but it is the fact that they produce Yellow Sapphires with outstanding clarity and colour consistency, as well as the popular Ceylon Cornflower Blue Sapphire that sets them apart from other sources.


  • Since Ceylon Sapphires come in different colours, each Ceylon Sapphire colour signifies a different astrological significance.
  • Ceylon Yellow Sapphire has the same benefits as Yellow Sapphire of any origin.
  • Ceylon Yellow Sapphire provides success in business, jobs & academics, improved financial and social status, health rejuvenation, marital and progeny bliss, and is also used in alternative healing.
  • Ceylon Blue Sapphire has the same benefits as Blue Sapphire of any origin.
  • Ceylon Blue Sapphire benefits by bringing instant success in business, jobs and independent projects, surging fortunes, extended fame & popularity, reoriented discipline, patience and detachment, and a stronger mind, bones and senses.


 There are several treated, synthetic, or lab created Ceylon Sapphire gemstones making their rounds in the trade claiming to be the real Ceylon Sapphire. Ceylon Sapphire is amongst the highest quality as well as the most sought-after gemstones in the world. Due to this, it is prone to a lot of illegal exploitation as well as trade fraud. Unfortunately, it is rather difficult to distinguish between the real and lab created Ceylon Sapphire as they showcase an uncanny resemblance to each other. They can be, however, taken to a gemstone lab wherein with the use of modern-day technology as well as skilled gemologists, the authenticity, as well as the quality of the gemstone, can be derived.


It is the mind-blowing clarity and colour of this marvelous gemstone that has helped it make a name in the jewellery industry. The fabulous Ceylon Sapphires have been extensively used in jewellery for both astrological as well as casual reasons. Today, you can find fascinating pieces of jewellery ranging from a simple Ceylon Sapphire earring to a majestic Ceylon Sapphire necklace.


The Ceylon Blue Sapphire price ranges from ₹2000 to ₹32,000 per carat. The Ceylon Yellow Sapphire price ranges from ₹15,000 to ₹30,000. The Ceylon Sapphire price is determined by the colour, Clarity, Cut, Carat Weight of the gemstone.

  • Colour
    The colour has a significant influence on the Ceylon Sapphire cost. The more consistent and vivid the colour is, the more will be the Ceylon Sapphire value.
  • Clarity
    The clarity of the Ceylon Sapphire gemstone is already considered amongst the best. However, if there are any visible inclusions or flaws, it can affect the prices significantly. Generally, cleaner pieces fetch a much higher Sri Lankan Sapphire prices.
  • Cut
    A skillfully cut Ceylon Sapphire will have a more enhanced colour as well as get any visible inclusions concealed. Therefore, the prices of such specimens are generally higher. Another reason for their high price is that during the cutting process, a good amount of Ceylon Sapphire rough is wasted. Therefore, the prices are kept high to compensate for the same. One could always go for economical options such as a Ceylon Sapphire cabochon or economical cuts such as round, oval, etc.
  • Carat Weight 
    Ceylon Sapphires are already pretty expensive. However, an increase in their size, if the rest of the quality factors remain the same, can increase their prices significantly.

Fake Ceylon Sapphires are generally made of glass and thus tend to have air bubbles in it. Observing your Ceylon Sapphire stone with a magnifying glass can help you study the gemstone, and if you find any cluster of air bubbles, chances are that it is either made of glass or has glass added to it to enhance its look. However, the best way to know the authenticity and quality of a Ceylon Sapphire stone is by consulting a gemstone lab that makes use of high-end technology and skilled gemologists that study these gemstones.

You can clean your Ceylon Sapphire by washing it in warm water and mild soap. Further, you could use a soft brush to scrub the dirt off the Ceylon Sapphire stone, followed by rinsing it with lukewarm water and drying it by wiping it with a soft cloth

Popularly known as Sri-Lankan Pukhraj, this stone displays deep yellow colour with only a fair or acceptable amount of inclusions. The Yellow Ceylon Sapphire stone is considered the most effective for the best astrological results. Wearing the Pukhraj gold ring in the index finger is known to improve one’s finances, career, and digestive health. However, if constrained by budget, one can go for other varieties but without compromising on clarity.

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