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  • Stone Type precious

    Treatment Unheated and Untreated (No Indications Observed)

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    Composition Natural

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    Color Red


Burmese Ruby is remarkably popular for its deep red pigeon blood colour, relatively superior clarity and astrological value. It is the most sought after variety of Ruby gemstone. The Old Burma rubies are exceptionally rare and exorbitantly expensive.


Ruby price in Indian remains exponentially high for best Indian Rubies. The benefits of this gemstone is as follows:

  •         Improvement in Financial and Social Status
  •         Helps in Profession and Academics
  •         Works for Health Rejuvenation

Burmese Ruby Quality

Being the most sought-after coloured gemstone and uncommonly rare, Old Burma Ruby commands high premium in the global market. It is thus not surprising that the best quality Old Burma Ruby gemstone is highly regulated and sensitively dealt to place it fairly in the gemstone market. To decide their worth, Burmese rubies are assessed chiefly on colour and clarity.

  • Colour

Of all the quality factors, the colour of Ruby has the most profound impact on its overall price. To qualify as a high worth Old Burma Ruby, it is necessary that the colour of Ruby gemstone is balanced naturally to enhance its brightness. It should neither be too dark or too light. Burmese or old Burma Ruby performs excellently on colour saturation, tone and consistency. The finest Burmese Ruby displays a pure, vivid red or what is known in the gemstone trade, pigeon blood colour. Vibrant red and deep pink colour are other shades that hold highly value in the gemstone market.

  • Clarity

Rubies are fairly included gemstones with both visible and invisible inclusions. However, when compared to other origins, old Burma rubies fare relatively better when it comes to clarity. They usually contain rutile needle-like inclusions that are visible to the naked Eye. Eye clean Burmese rubies are exceptionally rare and tend to have invisible inclusions. A Burma Ruby with inclusions imply that the Ruby is original, considering that synthetic rubies faking as Mogok rubies are sold on a big scale in the market.

Burmese Ruby Prices

Burmese rubies are rare. Their absolute rarity and high global demand, every high-quality piece is priced independently to match its worth. Burma Ruby prices fluctuate steeply even in the same carat weight range because of colour and clarity of the gemstone. A Burmese Ruby with minimal inclusions and deep red colour can easily draw between ₹ 1,00,000 to ₹ 1,20,000 per carat in the market, even more.

  • Colour

Deep, bright red rubies command maximum value. As there is no end limit to a pigeon blood Burmese Ruby price, it can easily trend in millions. Even a minor change in the colour (from deep red to pink to reddish brown) can lower the cost of Burmese Ruby significantly.

  • Clarity

Rubies from Burma do not come without inclusions. In fact, inclusions in natural Burma Ruby are usually acceptable considering that Eye-clean Burmese rubies practically do not exist in the market today. Burmese Ruby price per carat varies depending on the location, volume and type of inclusions.

  • Cut

Rough Ruby is neither easily accessible nor affordable. So, a great deal is given to minimize stone wastage while shaping or refining the rubies. If quality and size remains the same, a faceted cut old Burma Ruby will be more expensive than round or cabochon Ruby.

  • Carat Weight

Rubies above a few carats are geologically rare. Thus, old Burma Ruby price per carat grows exponentially when moving beyond two or more carats.

  • Treatment
    Rubies are treated to enhance colour for profiteering. Unheated Burmese Ruby is worthier than the treated one. To ensure quality and worth, it is best to demand certification from the gemstone dealers for origin, colour and clarity of Burma Ruby gemstone.


Burmese Ruby is remarkably popular for its deep red pigeon blood colour, relatively superior clarity and astrological value. It is the most sought after variety of Ruby gemstone. The Old Burma rubies are exceptionally rare and exorbitantly expensive.

The old Burma Ruby and new Burma Ruby are not the same. Old Burma Ruby is the Ruby mined from the Mogok tract of upper Burma and is remarkably expensive because of superior colour quality and consistency. Another feature of old Burma Ruby is its price which is dramatically higher in comparison to other rubies, considering that old Burma rubies are increasingly becoming rarer. However, in recent history, new mines have been explored in the southern region of Myanmar yielding average class rubies. These are called new Burma rubies. The difference between the two varieties is apparent under a microscope but not with a naked Eye. New Burma rubies are treated to enhance colour and sold off as old Burma rubies for extensive profits. A natural Burma Ruby is much more worthy than the treated one. It is thus advisable to buy Burmese Ruby certified by recognized national or international laboratories.

Yes! New Burma Ruby can be worn for astrological purposes but it should be noted that it is not as effective as the natural old Burma rubies. Even though new Burma Ruby stones are mildly treated or glass filled to hide inclusions but they work better than Indian rubies which are almost opaque and astrologically, less effective.

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