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  • Stone Type semiprecious

    Treatment Unheated and Untreated (No Indications Observed)

  • Cut Faceted

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    Composition Natural

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    Color Blue


 It comes in a wide range of colours including subtle sky blue to the intense inky blue. Blue Topaz is a brilliant blue coloured, semi-precious gemstone from the Topaz mineral family. In vedic astrology, this gemstone is recommended as the astrological substitute of the precious Blue Sapphire and is worn to gain financial stability, fame, self-confidence and good health.

Blue Topaz Benefits

Blue Topaz gemstone holds an important metaphysical meaning. According to the learned astrologers, Blue Topaz stone blesses its wearer with wealth, prosperity, courage, humility, success in business and satisfaction in life. Due to its pleasing blue hue, astrologers connect this gemstone with the mighty planet Saturn (Shani ). It is said that the best astrological benefits of Blue Topaz stone are received by people going through Shani’s Dhaiyya, Kantakshini, Shaade Sati or Dhasha Phase.

  • Increases Financial Success & Business Opportunities 
  • Boosts Concise & Judgement Skills 
  • Improves Teeth, Hair & Bone Health 
  • Heals Kidney, Heart & Immune System
  • Improves Intellectual Abilities
  • Cures Physical & Mental Ailments


Naturally occurring rich Blue Topaz is rarely found in the market. The colourless, pale yellow or blue variety of topaz is irradiated to produce deeper shades of Blue Topaz. It’s a well-known fact and is accepted wholeheartedly at the international level.

  • Colour
    Blue Topaz colour is one of the major quality determining factors. It ranges from the lightest sky blue to darkest inky blue with a hint of green. Amongst the traders, Sky Blue Topaz, Swiss Blue Topaz and London Blue Topaz gemstones are most popular. The selection of colour tone depends on the personal preference, but purity and uniformity should be taken into consideration. Usually, the deeper shades are considered more valuable.
  • Clarity
    Absolute clarity is the standard for Blue Topaz gemstone. Because the stone is light in colour, inclusions (liquid inclusions and minerals) can be easily spotted from naked Eyes. Therefore, the Eye clean Blue Topaz with good transparency and minimum visible flaws are considered best for purchase.
  • Cut
    Natural Blue Topaz crystals are faceted to show off the clarity and brilliance. Considering the Blue Topaz hardness, good availability and affordable prices, Blue Topaz rough is often faceted into deep striking cuts and unusual shapes to form gems that shimmer well when held in the light.

Topaz mines are located throughout the world, though the finest grade Blue Topaz raw stones are mined in Brazil, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, USA, Burma (Myanmar), Russia, China and Nigeria etc. Currently, the Brazilian Blue Topaz gemstones are quite popular and easily available in the gemstone industry.

Blue Topaz Price

Due to its huge production, Blue topaz wholesale prices have decreased substantially in the past few decades, down to a few dollars. Blue Topaz value depends on its colour, clarity, cut and carat weight. Currently, Blue Topaz stone price in India ranges between Rs..150 per carat to Rs…1100 per carat and plus, depending upon the quality grade. Its prices in other countries such as the UK, US and UAE etc. may vary significantly because of the variation in demand and supply cycle.

  • Colour
    As per the trade rule, the more intense, uniform and deeper is the colour, higher is the Blue Topaz gemstone price. This could be the reason why London Blue Topaz value remains the highest in the market.
  • Clarity
    The Eye clean Blue Topaz crystals with excellent transparency and luster are considered most sought-after for astrological as well as jewellery purposes. Natural Blue Topaz stone value drops dramatically for highly included pieces with poor transparency.
  • Cut
    Blue Topaz is quite a versatile gemstone which is found in a great variety of shapes including, oval, round, square, heart, trillion, pear, rectangular cushion and many more. Generally, Blue Topaz cost increases for gems in fancy shapes with deeper cuts as their cutting process involves more wastage of the rough. Round and oval Blue Topaz are relatively cheaper because they retain maximum weight.
  • Carat weight
    Due to the sufficient availability of large size Blue Topaz, Blue topaz price per carat increases linearly with increase in carat weight. However, exceptions do exist. Some strongly coloured Blue Topaz in exclusively shapes and sizes may command a higher premium.

For astrological reasons, a natural, untreated and unheated gemstone is regarded as an ideal choice. However, yes, one can wear Blue Topaz as the astrological substitute of Blue Sapphire gemstone . But astrologers usually recommend Iolite and Amethyst gemstone as the best alternatives because they are easily available in the natural form and can be purchased at highly affordable prices. Most of the Blue Topaz gemstones available in the market are irradiated up to a certain level to enhance their beauty and colour. Therefore, Blue Topaz is considered as the second-best option.

For astrological reasons, Sky Blue Topaz gemstones with good transparency and minimum colour are considered best. They are less irradiated in comparison to the Swiss Blue Topaz stone and London Blue Topaz stone. A strongly irradiated dark coloured Blue Topaz is considered best for jewellery purposes.

No! Astrologers often advise people to avoid wearing Shani Ratna (Blue Sapphire and its substitutes like Iolite, Amethyst and Blue Topaz) in gold settings. This is because gold represents planet Sun that doesn’t share a friendly relationship with planet Saturn, according to the sacred scriptures. The combination of Blue Topaz and Gold may cause any malefic effect to the wearer and is therefore avoided. One can consult our highly expert astrologers in case they are specifically willing to wear Blue Topaz in yellow gold.

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