Black Opal

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  • Stone Type semiprecious

    Treatment Unheated and Untreated (No Indications Observed

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    Composition Natural

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    Color Black


“Black Opal” is a term used for Opal that has a dark body colour, often black or dark grey. The colour can also range between dark blue to dark green. The name “Opal” can be traced back to the Latin term “Opalus” or to the Greek term “Opalius” (precious stone). The Opal stone belongs to the mineral class of “oxides and hydroxides”. The Opal in its precious whole is an amorphous solid consisting of silica gel, without crystal structure.   Natural Black Opal Stone is a truly fiery and rare version among the Opals. Because of their dark body tone, the rainbow colours in the Black Opal stand out much better than the Opals of lighter hue. This contrast of fire colour to body colour makes Black Opals very desirable and sells for high prices. The perfect healing power of the black Opal stone attracts humans again and again magically. Black Opal Gemstone is known for its breath-taking beauty. It not only warms the heart and soul but also enriches and gives a joyful zest for life.    Black Opal Origin  
  • Australian Black Opal Black Opal is mostly mined in Lightning Ridge, in northern New South Wales. Lightning Ridge is famous for Black Opal and hundreds of million dollars worth of Black Opals have been found there. Although White Cliffs is Australia’s oldest commercial Opal feld, Lightning Ridge Black Opal is the most valuable in the world.
Ethiopian Black Opal Black Opals from Ethiopia are not only beautiful but cost less than similar quality Opal from Australia.

Black Opal and Benefits

The Black Opal is a powerful, strong gemstone. This gemstone is rare and one of the most popular jewellery and healing stones ever. This healing stone exudes pride and great willpower. The one who owns a Black Opal stone, is said to be truly happy. 

Black Opal is known as “the stone of prediction”. It is believed that Black Opal gives one power to foresee the future and brings in good fortune. This gemstone is most effective for people who are a part of the ever-changing business world, and for those who deal with information and services.

Black Opal stone comes with or without the full spectrum of light. Both the types have its distinct power but the stone with the full spectrum of colour has more power in it and is preferred for both healing and jewellery purposes.

Black Opal Stone can cure illnesses and relieve pain. It is said to be “the caring servant of man”, that can tolerate the cold in the hearts of angry people and increasingly create peace on earth.

Black Opal Jewellery

Dark and mysterious, Black Opal jewellery is a sure-fire way to make a bold statement. One can embrace the beauty of Black Opal with a beautiful range of options available:

  • Black Opal Rings
  • Black Opal Pendants
  • Black Opal Necklaces
  • Black Opal Earrings

Black Opal Price

Black Opal is the most valuable form of Opal, due to their dark body colour tone and the resulting vibrant play of colours. The Black Opal Price can range from Rs1,000 Per carat to Rs 5,000 Per carat.


  • Body Tone
    Opals with darker body colour are more valuable because they tend to display colours more vibrant than those with lighter shades of black.
  • Brilliance
    Brilliance refers to the brightness and clarity of the colours displayed by Black Opal Gemstone. This ranges from brilliant, bright to subdue or dull.
  • Pattern
    The pattern of coloured segments, forming the play of colour in the Black Opal Stone, also determines its value. Some excellent patterns include ‘Harlequin’, ‘Flagstone’, ‘Ribbon’, ‘Straw’ and ‘Floral’.


Black Opal price in India ranges from Rs 1,000 per carat to Rs 10,000 per carat Plus. Ethiopian Black Opal price ranges from Rs 1,000 per carat to Rs 4,000 per carat. Australian black Opal price ranges from Rs 250 per carat to Rs 10,000 per carat.

Black Opal is the birthstone of October month as per western astrology.

According to astrology, the person who wears Black Opal gets the love, happiness and good fortune in the rest of his life. It is also accepted as a lucky charm for the owner.

Black Opal Gemstone must be worn on Friday at the evening of Shukla in the middle or ring finger of the right hand.

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