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BICOLOUR SAPPHIRE Bi-colour Sapphire are exceptionally rare gemstones. This gem is truly transfixing and marvelous to behold, capable of exhibiting strong and fast astrological benefits. Bicolor Sapphire or Two-toned Sapphire is the result of the zoning of two colours in a single stone, that is the uneven distribution of colour in a stone. Zoning is caused during crystal formation when conditions of trace elements responsible for the stone colour change. Bi colour Sapphires have two colours that are obvious to the naked Eye and do not change under different lighting conditions. These gemstones can range from dramatic colour zoning with two very different colours present in the stone, to slight colour zoning which shows two very similar but slightly off colours present in the stone.   Here is the list of different type of natural bi colour Sapphire: 
  • Yellow Blue Sapphire 
  • Blue Green Sapphire 
  • Violet Blue Sapphire 
  • Yellow Green Sapphire
  Bi-Colour Sapphire Origin
  • Yellow Blue Sapphire  Yellow Blue Sapphire or Pitambari Neelam is found mainly in Sri Lanka (Ceylon) and Burma also. The Sapphire from Sri Lanka is considered the best in quality.
  • Blue Green Sapphire Bluish Green Sapphire is sourced from Madagascar, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Ceylon, Burma, Australia, India, Kenya, Tanzania, USA and China. The Blue Green Montana Sapphire, sourced from Montana mines in the USA, is very famous for its rarity and exceptional quality.
  • Violet Blue Sapphire Violet Blue Sapphire is found mainly in Sri Lanka (Ceylon).
  • Yellow Green Sapphire The finest Yellowish Green Sapphire comes from Sri Lanka (Ceylon). It is also found in Australia, Bangkok, Burma and the United States.

Bi-colour Sapphire Benefits


  • Yellow Blue Sapphire Benefits 
    This stone is useful in restoring lost finances, removing depression and worries. It brings positive energy in the life of the wearer. Yellow Blue Sapphire or Pitambari Neelam is highly recommended for people who have Jupiter and Saturn aligned in an adverse way in the birth chart. This gemstone is also said to be helpful in healing. It gives good health, luck, prosperity and wealth to the wearer. 
  • Blue Green Sapphire
    Blue Green Sapphire is an excellent gemstone for calming and focusing the mind. This stone brings the wisdom of loyalty and integrity in life, stimulates the Heart Chakra and awakens compassion, encourages respect and tolerance for other people’s beliefs, releases mental tension and undesirable thoughts.
  • Benefits of Blue Violet Sapphire 
    Effect of Violetish Blue Sapphire is maximum in controlling adverse impacts of Mars and Saturn. Other benefits of wearing a Violet Blue Sapphire include positive impact on wealth and finances, protection from evil Eye. It provides name, fame and popularity and gives victory over obstacles.

Greenish Yellow Sapphire Stone Benefits
Yellow Green Sapphire stones stimulate the Heart Chakra. Benefits of bicolour yellow and green Sapphire include improvement in self-esteem, relief from fear and stress, strengthening of positive traits, improvement in communication, wisdom and loyalty.


Bicolour Sapphire Jewellery

Whether it is mounted in a ring, necklace, bracelet or a pair of earrings, Bicolour Sapphire increases the beauty and glory of the jewellery piece upto multiple times. Bicolour Sapphire is the most sought-after gemstone to be mounted in a jewellery.

  • Blue Green Sapphire Ring: Blue Green Sapphire Engagement Rings have gained tremendous attention recently, and it is no wonder considering the beauty of this ‘Fancy coloured Sapphire’. Blue Green Sapphire can also be adorned in a necklace, bracelet or a pair of earrings.
  • Yellow Green Sapphire Ring: Yellow Green Sapphire is an intense and brilliant stone that will make a grand presence as a Bi-colour Sapphire engagement ring or pendant.
  • Violet Blue Sapphire Ring: Violet Blue Sapphire is a beautiful option to be casted on an engagement ring. This gemstone enhances the beauty of a jewellery piece three-fold.

Pitambari Neelam (Yellow Blue Sapphire) is a precious gemstone. It represents Shani Graha (Saturn) and Jupiter. Shani (Saturn) is the planet of judgement and past life repentance and Jupiter is the planet of growth and expansion.

Pitambari Neelam is purely an Astrological Stone and proper Vedic procedure should be followed before wearing it.


– Place the ring in a clean (preferably new) container at a Puja place of your home.

– Do Abhishek with the Panchamrit (Unboiled Milk, Honey, Curd, Gangajal, Tulsi) one by one.

– Do the Mantra Jaap for Pitambari Neelam “om Gurave namah; om shanaishcharaye namah”

– Wash the ring with freshwater.

– Now, make your wish and wear the ring.

Pitambari Neelam should ideally be worn on the middle finger.

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