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The marine ecosystem of this region got depleted in the early 19th century which created a halt in the natural pearl production in the Basra region. Basra Pearl is a highly precious variety of the natural pearl gemstone originated from the Basra region of Persian Gulf. Basra ka Moti gained huge popularity for its colour and smooth texture which further increased with its rarity. Basra Pearl Identification For the last 25 years, there has been no supply of natural pearls from the Persian Gulf region. These days, gem traders generally use ‘Basra Pearl’ as a trade term to denote the fine quality natural pearls to increase their market worth. Due to the increasing demand and rarity, the value of existing natural Basra gem skyrocketed with time. Today, it is difficult for people to find a real and original ‘Basra’ Pearl also called ‘Basra ka Moti’. Apart from its scarcity, another challenging aspect about Basra Pearl identification is the lack of an organized standard certification. Unfortunately, there is no lab which certifies the place of origin of the pearl gemstone. No Valid Certification for Origin Determination Gem Lab Report issued by a reputed gem testing laboratory such as Javeri, Bahrain, Gubellin, GIA, IGI or GRS etc. is regarded as the most authentic proof of gem’s quality and genuineness. But, currently, no lab certifies the pearl gemstone to the level of origin which is a drawback for both the buyers and sellers. Only some selected laboratories in India like Javeri and GIA, have access to the radiography machine (this machine is nearly ban because it releases harmful radiations) which is essential to test a Natural Pearl. Dependency on Bahrain Lab Certificate A natural pearl can be considered as Basra Pearl stone if it is certified by the Gem and Pearl Testing Laboratory of Bahrain. This lab is specialized in grading and testing natural pearls, accredited regionally and internationally. One can ask for a genuine Bahrain certificate before buying Basra Pearl online or from local shops. However, even the Bahrain laboratory never certifies the gem as Basra Pearl rather reports it as Natural Pearl. Common Physical Attributes For more than 25 years, Persian Gulf region has not resourced any Basra Pearl gem. Therefore, most of the genuine Basra Pearl available in the market are old and of good age. These gems are reaching the market from the old family treasures. As per the gem experts, a real Basra Pearl is characterized by its irregular shape, slight pinkish or creamish white hue.

Basra Pearl Benefits

Basra pearl gemstone holds a significant position in trade due its superior aesthetics and strong metaphysical values. Pearl gemstone represents the influential planet Moon. Vedic astrologers believe that wearing a natural Basra Moti benefits the individual in gaining emotional stability, harmony in relationships and a happy life. 


  • Promotes Mental Peace

In vedic astrology, the Moon rules over native’s mind. Astrologers believe that the presence of a weak Moon in the Kundli causes anxiety, depression and stress. Basra Pearl strengthens the Moon in the wearer’s horoscope and helps the person gain mental peace.


  • Improves Confidence & Self Expression

Wearing Basra Moti positively affects the wearer’s concentration power, improves their thinking ability and communication skills.


  • Strengthens Maternal Relationships

As per sacred vedas, the Moon represents the mother figure in the native’s life. It is believed that Basra Pearl benefits the wearer by positively affecting their mother’s health and strengthening the mother-child relationship.


  • Cures Heart, Eye & Skin Ailments

Basra Pearl gemstones are known to possess numerous curative abilities related to Eye-sight, blood circulation, skin and fertility. Astrologers deeply believe that wearing Basra ka Moti helps to control blood pressure, heal Eye ailments and maintain water balance in the wearer’s body.


  • Restores Calmness & Tranquility
  • Boosts Confidence & Thinking Ability
  • Improves Maternal Relationship
  • Revitalizes Skin, Heart and Eyes


Basra Pearls are as beautiful as the natural pearl from any other origin. This gemstone is famous due to its legendary origin, not for its exceptional beauty. So, like other natural pearls, Basra pearls are also analyzed by the Size, Shape, colour and Surface Texture.

  • Size

The original Basra Pearls in big sizes are rare to find and are quite precious. The size of natural pearl largely depends on the diameter of pearl nucleus (irritant), thickness of nacre layer (the fluid secreted by the mollusk) and the duration for which the pearl remains inside the mollusk’s body. The nacre layer secreted by Pinctada radiata (mollusk that forms Basra pearl) is thin, the size doesn’t increase even after the formation of multiple layers.

  • Shape

Rounder is the pearl, higher will be its market value. But Basra Pearls are mostly found in odd shapes like pear, drop, baroque etc. Therefore, round or nearly round Basra pearls are considered highly valuable.

  • Colour

The original Basra Pearl appears creamish white in colour, sometimes with tints of yellow or pink. Pure white Basra Pearl is regarded as a highly sought-after variety. However, finding a natural Basra Pearl in pure white hue is nearly impossible. This is because they are extracted years ago and lose their pure hue with time. 

  • Surface Texture

Basra Pearl with smooth, clean and blemish free surface, displays a slight rainbow-like sheen. The quality of outer layer lends luster and shiny to the pearl gemstone. The presence of pits, grooves, black spots and blemishes degrade the quality and market value of Basra Pearl.

Basra Pearl Origin

The city Basra or Al Basrah (now located in Iraq) was the major trading center for the natural pearl harvested across the Persian Gulf. The precious natural pearls originated from the cities lying in the Persian/Arabian Gulf region, have a strong reputation in the world of gems. Earlier, the coasts of Bahrain, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates and Oman etc. were the major sources of Basra Pearl gemstone. Many of the varieties are named after their soul origin such as –

  • Bahrain Pearl

Since the last 2000 years, Bahrain Pearls have been prized as the finest quality pearls which the world has ever seen. They were formed by the mollusk called Pinctada radiata (Gulf Pearl Oyster) found in the coast near Bahrain region.

  • Kuwait Pearls

Kuwait is another important Gulf country, renowned for its large size natural pearls named as Kuwait Pearls. One of its classic examples is ‘The Pearl of Kuwait’. It was found in the water of Persian Gulf and measures around 258.12 grains (which is equal to 64.5 carats). This pearl from Kuwait is the third largest well-formed natural pearl drop found in the world.

  • Black Pearl Kuwait

This variety of pearl was produced naturally by rare mollusk species called Pinctada margaritifera (Black-lip Pearl Oyster). Black pearl from Kuwait is a highly valuable, black coloured natural pearl, which is primarily worn for jewellery purposes.

Basra Pearl Prices

In the gem market, original Basra Pearls price and value is generally determined by evaluating its Shape, Size, colour, Luster and Surface texture. Basra Pearl is a highly popular origin variety of the natural pearl gemstone. But the origin is not determined even in the certificates issued by internationally recognized gem laboratories like GIA and Javeri. So, it becomes difficult for traders to prove whether a natural pearl referred as Basra gem is specially from Basra. But beware, some fraudulent suppliers claim to provide Basra Pearls for sale online without any valid Bahrain certificate. 

  • Shape

Baroque, drop shape and other asymmetrical Basra Pearl are common and, hence, comparatively less expensive. Basra ka Moti price increases steeply for stones in round or near round shape.

  • Size

Finding a Basra pearl gemstone above 2 carats, is extremely difficult. Therefore, above certain carats, the price of Basra Pearl per carat increases drastically.

  • Colour

Most of the Basra Moti appear creamish white or white with yellow or pink tints. A pure white Basra pearl is rarest of the rare and fetches a good premium.

  • Surface Texture

Basra pearls value increases for gems with smooth, clean and consistent outer surfaces. Due to its natural origin, the presence of minor spots and blemishes are acceptable up to an extent. However, major flaws such as cracks, dark spots or deep pits hamper quality, therefore, cannot be ruled out while assessing the Basra Pearl cost.


  • Luster

Basra Pearls that emit vibrant luminosity always demand a higher value. A dull and lusterless Basra ka Moti is comparatively less desirable and comparatively cheaper.

Astrologers always recommend the natives to wear a smooth, lustrous and consistently white Natural Pearl, containing minimum scratches or spots in order to ensure the desired results. For best astrological results, it is always recommended to wear a 100% natural, treatment-free Natural Pearl from Basra or otherwise, in minimum 1/60th proportion of the wearer’s body weight (in kg).

Basra Pearl is a rare variety of natural pearl gemstone which is exclusively resourced from the coast of Persian Gulf. But due to overfishing, excessive pollution and oil spills during the 19th century, the pearl bearing marine mollusk species called ‘Pinctada radiata’ got extinct after which the production of pearl was completely exhausted. For more than 25 years, natural pearls (termed as Basra Pearls) supply from the Basra region has been almost nil. The original Basra Pearl, available in the market, were extracted in the late 19th century. Since, they were treasured by people through generations.

Silver is regarded as the best metal to wear Basra ka Moti for best astrological results. Alternatively, gold, white gold or panchdhatu can also be used after consulting an astrologer.

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