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Apatite is an ultimate healing gemstone which also makes an excellent choice for jewelry. No matter if you are a minimalistic or a statement jewelry lover, Apatite is always fashionable and wins heart in no time.

One can wear Apatite as a piece of jewellery or simply carry it in the wallet or pocket. In both cases, Apatite is sure to provide comfort to an individual in difficult times. Apatite is ranked 5 on Mohs hardness scale which means that it is a soft gemstone and too brittle to be cast into a piece of jewellery. However, if one plans to cast an Appetite in a jewellery, it is advised to wear it occasionally and take special care of the same. Thanks to the jaw-dropping colours, it is not very rare to see an Apatite be jewelling mankind since ages.


  • Pendant: stays close to your throat chakra and helps in enhancing communication and oratory skills.
  • Ring: can be worn on any day. However, wearing it during the spring season is believed to bring prosperity and happiness in marital life.
  • Bracelet: worn in the non-working hand brings good fortune and improves health. It also helps in maintaining a clean and purified aura, free from negativity.
  • Gemstone: in your pocket or wallet draws good luck and helps in getting difficult work done with ease. Holding an Apatite stone stimulates vibrations that facilitate deep meditation and open a pearl of deep inner wisdom.

-Types of Apatite

Apatite comes in a kaleidoscope of colours – Apart from the most admired blue Apatite and green Apatite; red, purple, pink, golden yellow and colourless Apatite is also prominently demanded in the industry.


  • Blue Apatite: Blue Apatite is a stone of manifestation, it is a show-stealer.
  • Green Apatite: A rare, beautiful stone depicting the emotions of heart, Green Apatite is a creativity awakener and helps in developing a finer inner self.
  • Neon Apatite: Neon Apatite is the most admired of all. The lustrous blue-green colour is super close to Paraiba Tourmalines and that’s the reason for the highest prices.
  • Cat’s Eye: Cat’s Eye Apatite is distinguished from other Apatite varieties by its chatoyancy. As the stone is rotated, a Cat’s Eye reflection appears to glide across the surface of the stone, similar to the asterism effect seen in a variety of gems.

Apatite Price

Apatite usually sells for ₹ 500 to ₹ 20,000 per carat and above. The price of Apatite is typically determined by the combination of its colour, clarity, cut and carat weight. The following guidelines will help to choose the ideal Apatite stone at best price:


  • Colour 

Apatite occurs in a rainbow of colours. However, the intense neon-blue to blue-green colours are the most sought after due to their rarity. The intense saturation on the stone calls for a positive impact on the value of the Apatite stone.The Malgache Neon Apatite is highly priced because of its striking deep blue colour.


  • Clarity 

A polished Apatite looks lustrous and glossy. Eye-Clean categories are highly valuable and equally rare to find. Sometimes, the deeply saturated colours conceal these little imperfections, making them look almost perfect for the Eyes. 


  • Cut

 A Round Apatite stone is the most desired of all. Due to Apetite’s fragile nature, most of the gemstone cutters stay away from cutting Appetite stone. Thus, it is sold in its raw uncut form. However, some cutters have been successful enough to give Apatite the desired shape. Pear-shaped and oval-shaped stones are also preferred, as they give a bigger appearance to the stone.


  • Carat Weight

It is very rare to find large specimens of Apatite. Usually, they are under half a carat size. The bigger stones, if found, are quite expensive due to their extreme rarity.


  • Treatment 

Like any other gemstone, Apatite is also treated to enhance its commercial value.

Malgache Neon Apatite often goes through heating treatment for a flawless, more saturated colour.

No, Apatite is neither an astrological gemstone nor does it hold any reference in Vedic astrology.

Apatite usually comes with inclusions. So, one should ideally choose to spend on a cut that showcases flawless beauty and hides all the minor inclusions. However, one should avoid buying an Apatite which is not at least Eye-clean.

It is widely known for being a collector’s gemstone. No, Apatite is not a recognized birthstone. This makes it perfect to be used by everyone.

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