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  • Stone Type semiprecious

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    Composition Natural

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    Color Multicolor


Ammolite originates from Ammonite (the sea organism) that actually originated from the name of the Egyptian god ‘Ammon’. The crushed shells of ammonite marine organisms over a duration of nearly 70 million years form Ammolite that is an organic Opal-resembling gemstone.

People all over the world wear this gemstone to avail from the Ammolite powers. While being an organic gemstone that flaunts various colours and patterns, Ammolite stone is also a marvelous healing gemstone. Ammolite is linked to the zodiac sign Capricorn.


  • Ammolite stone benefits people by providing various health supports.
  • Detoxifies and purifies blood, boosts energy and enhances stamina.
  • Stabilizes blood pressure by regulating the heartbeat.
  • Improves mental skills, lifts libido, helps creative minds and enhances fertility.
  • One of the major Ammolite properties is its spiritual or metaphysical properties.
  • Raises self-confidence.
  • Reduces stress.
  • Brings prosperity and good fortune.
  • It helps in harmonizing the environment.
  • Guards from harm.
  • Keeps negative energy away and attracts positive energy.

Ammolite Price

The price of Ammolite is determined by collectively assessing quality factors such as colour, Clarity, Cut, and Carat Weight. Ammolite price per carat ranges from Rs 500 to Rs 2,000 per carat plus.


  • Colour 

The top quality Ammolite displays three bright colours that occupy the stone significantly. Such specimens are rare and thus have a high Ammolite worth. Personal preference does come to play when buying an Ammolite gem but make sure the gemstone has three prominent colours on the surface.

  • Clarity 

The presence of surface errors such as cracks or blemishes can dramatically impact the Ammolite value. Specimens with clean and smooth surfaces with good colour are considered more valuable and have a much higher Ammolite cost.

  • Cut 

Since Ammolite has a varying hardness of 3.5 – 4.5 on the Mohs Scale, it is pretty tedious to cut it into facets. Ammolite cabochon is generally preferred more because cutting a raw Ammolite leads to wastage of Ammolite rough and it incurs higher pricing.

Carat Weight
A natural Ammolite large enough will have amazing play of colours and will evidently be more valuable. Ammolite is generally sold in doublets or triplets since the actual material is very thin and delicate and does not have much mass. Therefore the size of this gemstone is considered over the carat weight.

Ammolites are formed up of a mixture of compounds consisting of aluminum, chromium, copper, and iron although unlike other gemstones, this does not produce the broad display of shades that they exhibit. Ammolite originates from Ammonite (the sea organism) that actually originated from the name of the Egyptian god ‘Ammon’. 


Every colour in Ammolite denotes a separate layer of the Ammolite gemstone. The exterior of the Ammolite displays a diversity of attractive colours when hit by natural or unnatural light. The colour it displays depends on how thick the Ammolite is. Thinner Ammolite has various colours on display. Thicker layers give the red and green colours and are more enduring. Thinner layers, on the other hand, flaunt beautiful blue and violet colours and are also more gentle and prone to crack and are thus less prevalent and more expensive. Based on the patterns on the surface, Ammolite is divided into various types as well. Some of these patterns are Dragonskin Ammolite, Cobblestone Ammolite, Stained Glass Ammolite, etc.

Ammolite is indeed a rare material and is considered as a generation gemstone considering the fact that there are not many deposits of it found and the demand is higher than the supply.

Ammolite consists mainly of aragonite which is also found in the nacre of the gemstone Pearl. Ammolite is made of the fossilized shells of ammonites that were prehistoric aquatic animals that resembled the present-day squids.

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