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  • Stone Type semiprecious

    Treatment Unheated and Untreated (No Indications Observed

  • Cut Faceted

    Certification As Required

  • Shape Asrequired

    Composition Natural

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    Color Purple and Orange


Ametrine is regarded as a mixture of Amethyst and Citrine appearing as bands of purple and orange on the crystal as it is a natural, semi-precious, bi-colour gemstone from the Quartz mineral family. Vedic astrology recommends this gemstone to be worn as a healing gemstone.

Benefits of Ametrine 

Ametrine gemstone is said to have metaphysical properties of two gemstones– Amethyst and Citrine. The term ‘Ametrine’ is itself created by merging the two terms Amethyst and citrine. This beautiful bi-color quartz is often marketed as ‘Bolivianite’ and ‘Trystine’ and is worn to gain its healing benefits.


  • Brings Positivity & Good Fortune 

The positive energies of this gemstone promote optimism and help the wearer stay focused. Ametrine gem is trusted by wearers to help release negative thoughts and promote inner peace.


  • Boosts Creative Ideas & Thoughts 

Wearing Amethyst stone benefits individuals dealing with lack of inspiration and mental blockage. Astrologers have deep faith in Ametrine metaphysical properties for stimulating wearer’s creative thinking and intellect. It stimulates the intellect and is considered highly beneficial for people involved in artistic professions.


  • Soothes Nerves & Relaxes Mind 

This bi-color quartz contains the healing properties of Citrine and Amethyst. Astrologers strongly recommend this gemstone for individuals dealing with depression, anxiety and mental disorders. People involved in addictive tendencies can also benefit from Ametrine healing properties.


  • Heals Chronic Ailments 

According to medical astrology, Ametrine gemstone is known to cure people suffering from severe long-term disorders. Therefore, it is highly recommended to be worn when dealing with diseases like muscular pain, arthritis or any respiratory disease.


  • Alternative Healing 

Ametrine is mostly worn to improve meditating abilities and strengthen will-power. Detoxification, mental clarity and better spiritual awareness are some widely known benefits of the Ametrine gemstone, as per alternative healing therapies. 

Ametrine Quality

From an astrological perspective, a natural, highly transparent, bright-coloured stone with clearly visible colour bands, is considered the best quality Ametrine gemstone. The quality of Ametrine gemstone is characterized by multiple factors including its origin, distinct dual colour (orange and purple), clarity, and cut. 


  • Origin  

Anahi mine in Bolivia is the oldest and also the finest resource for the best quality Ametrine natural gems, which are called Anahi Ametrines. Ametrine crystals are resourced from the quartz mines of eastern Bolivia (Santa Cruz), some parts of Brazil, Uruguay and India. Brazilian Ametrine is the next most preferred choice after Bolivian Ametrine.


  • Colour  

The colour of Ametrine crystal majorly determines its quality. As it usually contains two distinct bands of orange and purple colour. Deep, rich coloured Ametrine stones displaying an equal ratio of orange and purple are rare and extremely valuable. Pale coloured Ametrine with poorly distinguishable colour bands are of inferior quality.


  • Clarity  

The finest quality Ametrines are always highly transparent and come with minimum Eye visible inclusions. Like other Quartz varieties, Ametrine is also a Type II gemstone which usually contains inclusions. These inclusions such as tiger stripes, liquid inclusions, internal fractures and hematite needle-like inclusions often disturb the colour quality of the stone. However, Eye clean Ametrines can also be found yet their occurrence is not very common. 


  • Cut  

The most popular and desirable are rectangular-cut or emerald-cut Ametrines, with 50/50 ratio of orange and purple colour bands, and are always in high demand. A skillfully faceted Ametrine gemstone always appears brighter, lustrous and highly transparent. Low quality Ametrine stones are generally shaped in cabochons (dome shaped, polished stone with no facets) to retain their colour and weight.

Ametrine Prices

Ametrine stone price is majorly determined by its origin, colour, clarity, cut and carat weight. Ametrine is a rare yet highly affordable gemstone which is primarily worn for its astrological and healing benefits. Ametrine stone price in India starts from ₹ 150 per carat and can reach up to ₹ 1,000 per carat and above. Prices in other countries like Dubai, UK, USA and UAE may vary depending upon the demand/supply cycle.


  • Origin 

Being the most sought-after variety, Anahi Ametrine value remains the highest in comparison to stones from other origins. Because of low transparency and paler hue, the price of Ametrine crystal from India and Brazil is much lower than the Anahi Ametrine price.

  • Colour 

Stones with distinctly visible, deep and bright colour bands of orange and purple fetch a good premium. Colour is the most influential factor that adds maximum points to the value. Ametrine gemstone price reduces for stones with pale or indistinctly visible colour bands.

  • Clarity  

A highly transparent Ametrine with minimum Eye visible inclusions always fetches a good amount. Since, Ametrines are usually found in good clarity, there is very little chance to buy Ametrine that is not Eye clean. The price of Ametrine per carat decreases significantly for highly included gems with poor transparency.

  • Cut  

A heavily faceted Ametrine value is always higher than of round and oval Ametrines. Cutting a gemstone can increase its cost up to 20% because of the wastage involved in the process. Stones in fancy cuts such as asscher cut, cushion cut etc. need extra care and good lapidary (gem cutting) skills, therefore, are often priced exorbitantly.

  • Carat weight  

The price of Ametrine per carat increases with size but not as drastically as in expensive gemstones. Ametrine gemstone can be found in all shapes and sizes. However, large size stones are always much more valuable than smaller ones as colour bands look prominent in bigger ones.

The Bi-colour gemstone – Ametrine holds a great significance in vedic astrology as well as western astrology.  In gem healing therapies, this gemstone is considered highly useful for patients dealing with depression, anxiety, stress and chronic ailments. Ametrine hardness measures 7 on Mohs scale which makes it scratch resistant enough to be worn as a jewellery stone. Ametrine is a natural bi-colour quartz gemstone that contains purple and orange colour bands. This unique colour variety of quartz is found in very limited quality from the mines of Bolivia, Southern Brazil, Uruguay and India. The Anahi mine of Bolivian located in Santa Cruz is the one and only deposit that supplies finest quality loose Ametrines world-wide. This gemstone is often recommended as the astrological substitute of the powerful gemstone Pitambari Neelam. It is also the birthstone of Pisces and Sagittarius sun sign as per western astrology. Ametrine is the national gemstone of Bolivia, and hence got another name – ‘Bolivianite’.

The Ametrines from the Anahi mines display deep rich purple and orange hue with optimum clarity, which is quite difficult to find in stones from other origins. The finest quality Ametrines are majorly sourced from the Anahi mine of Bolivia located in Santa Cruz. The stones resourced from Anahi mines are famously called Anahi Ametrines.

Astrologers believe that Ametrine gemstone can be worn to gain the positive energies from planet Jupiter and Saturn. Vedic astrologers suggest Ametrine gem for the Aquarius signi. However, it can be worn by other zodiac signs as well. Western astrology recommends Ametrine birthstone for Pisces and Sagittarius zodiac signs. Ametrine is also a strong healing gemstone, which is worn to improve focus, gain inner peace, stimulate inspiration and cure depression.

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