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  • Stone Type semiprecious

    Treatment Unheated and Untreated (No Indications Observed)

  • Cut As required

    Certification IGI / IGL

  • Shape As required

    Composition Natural

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    Color Orange


Amber is a hardened resin of the prehistoric trees. It is not exactly a mineral, it is an organic semi-precious gemstone. The colours of this gemstone range from yellow to brown, red, black, blue and green etc. The stone’s value increases greatly when it contains fascinating insects or plant inclusions. Amber is used in jewellery, decorative pieces and healing therapies. Does Amber Suit You? In Hindi, the Amber gem means ‘Kahraman stone’. This gem is appreciated by healers as well as jewellery designers worldwide. This stone was also recognized by the Greeks as a medicinal stone, while the Romans believed this stone had magical powers. People place deep faith in the healing properties of Amber and continue to wear it as a lucky charm. According to Indian Astrology, Amber (Kahraman or Kahrua stone) is prescribed for the Taurus zodiac sign. On the other hand, Western Astrology recommends Amber as the alternate birthstone for Cancer, Leo, Aquarius, Virgo, Pisces, Taurus and Capricorn sign. This gemstone is also often recommended for children (undergoing a painful teething process), pregnant women and aged people for its mild healing properties. These healing energies provide relief from pain, stress, anxiety and discomfort. Types of Amber This lovely gemstone has a warm colour radiance, with a pleasing luster and fascinating inclusions. Amber comes in a variety of distinct colour tones. The popular colour variants of Amber are: Yellow Amber One of the most valued and highly popular varieties of Amber gemstone is the naturally transparent Yellow Amber. These are mostly resourced from the Baltic region of Russia, Denmark, Latvia etc. Bubble inclusions in this type of amber are quite common. Compared to pale amber pieces, the deep yellow or slightly golden coloured gems with minimum inclusions are preferred. Black Amber This gemstone is a dark-coloured, opaque gem variety that are mostly packed with inclusions. According to many astronomy the Black amber gemstone is considered quite effective for protection and healing. Black Amber helps with body detoxification and offers resistance against infections and diseases. Blue Amber Blue Amber is the rarest colour variant of Amber. It’s exclusive to the mines of Dominican Republic thus, they are valued high. Red Amber This stone is popularly known as ‘Cherry Amber’. The colour variety of Red Amber is admired for its delightful red hue. These Amber stones are rarely found in the market and are majorly used for making necklaces and bracelets. White Amber White Amber is also known as Bony Amber. It is praised for its unique texture and royal colour. These stones are studded in jewellery for designing exclusive pieces.

Amber gemstone is recognized for its amazing healing abilities and metaphysical attributes. It is also lightweight, comfortable and extremely beautiful. Amber stone has been used to cure a variety of ailments from teething pain to arthritis and depression.


  • Brings Mental & Emotional Peace 

It is said that Amber stone helps people dealing with psychological issues such as depression, anxiety, fear or stress. The gemstone is considered highly beneficial for pregnant women and professionals in medicine or healing.


  • Cures Pain Body, Endocrine & Digestive Ailments 

Amber gemstone is known for its effective remedy for people suffering from arthritis pain or babies undergoing the painful teething process. The gemstone also helps with a speedy recovery from medical conditions including goitre, headache, tension, jaundice, flu etc.


  • Improves Memory & Intellectual Abilities

The Amber stone’s harmonious energies promote positive vibes and help the wearer in taking rational decisions in life. It is also believed to bestow intellectual qualities and enhance the memory of the wearer. 


Astrologically, quality depends more on transparency and relatively less on colour. However, the Amber stone’s quality depends on its origin, clarity, colour, shape and the presence of unique inclusions, such as leaves, insects etc. The best quality amber gemstone is the one that has a clean, genuine amber in bright golden yellow colour.

While the Baltic Amber stone from the Baltic States of Russia is immensely popular for its rich colour, natural beauty and high content of succinic acid, natural Amber stones are also obtained from other mining locations. The other places include; Russia, Dominican Republic, Burma (Myanmar), Mexico, Italy, Germany, Africa, Indonesia etc. The other popular choices are Burmese Amber (Burmite), African Amber, Simetite (Amber from Sicily Italy), Indonesian Amber and Dominican Amber.

Naturally-transparent amber gemstones are considered quite desirable as they are rare. Amber stone can be transparent to completely opaque in appearance. Amber stone mostly contains inclusions such as gas bubbles, flow lines, sun spangles etc. What makes the gemstone highly valuable is that it adds an element of interest with the presence of a clearly visible trapped insect or plant.
The colour of Amber ranges from pale yellow to deep honey brown. The most desirable gemstone for astrological purposes are yellow and orange stones. Other colours like black, blue, green and white are also found naturally, but are very rare.

Amber gemstone is commonly polished into a free-form shape to avoid any damage in its natural beauty due to its fragile nature. The gemstones that are relatively less common but still in demand are the ones that are perfect round and oval.

The gemstone that grabs a higher value are the ones that appear more beautiful and unique. This also applies for the pricing of Amber gemstones. The presence of unique objects such as prehistoric insects and twigs add an element of interest and that enhances the value of Amber gemstones. Other factors that are also considered origin, colour, clarity, shape and size.

Note – Amber stone prices in India start from Rs 150 per carat and can go up to Rs 2500 per carat depending upon the quality and uniqueness of the stones. Due to the difference in demand and supply equation, the prices of Amber gemstone in other countries such as the USA, UAE and UK may vary.

The physical appearance of Amber gemstone is determined by the origin which should be assessed by trade experts. This is because most of the gemological laboratories do not certify Amber gemstones at origin level. Due to its warm colour tones and historical significance, Baltic Amber price remains the highest. The other types of Amber stones that are also valued for their quality and rarity are Burma amber, Dominican Amber and Indonesian Amber.

The colour of Amber ranges from pale yellow to deep honey brown. The highly priced gemstones are the ones in deep yellow and orange tones. Other colours like black, blue, green and white are also found naturally, but are very rare. Natural cherry red, blue and green amber are exceedingly rare and often sold a high premium.

Amber stone value remains highest for rare and super fine pieces such as the gemstone that has a distinctly visible insect. The presence of cloudy clarity and numerous minute bubbles often reduce the Amber gem price in the market.

The perfect oval and round amber stones are rare and enjoy heavy demand in the market. However, the readily available and quite affordable Amber stones are free-form stones.

Amber is a natural organic gemstone which is highly appreciated for its beauty, colour and uniqueness due to its composure of fossilized tree resin. Along with being used for jewellery making, Amber gemstone is also used for healing purposes. Yellow-orange-brown are the colours commonly associated with amber but some whitish, pale yellow, brown to almost black pieces can also be found in nature. Other colour varieties are blue amber, green amber stone, red amber or cherry amber which are considered rare and highly sought after.

Amberoid is a fancy trade name for ‘Pressed Amber’. These gemstones are the large pieces of Amber created by compressing small resin pieces or fragments. This process is usually carried out at a very high temperature. These stones are less valuable and don’t bear any metaphysical or healing properties.

Amber gemstone is sensitive to harsh chemicals, excessive heat and light. The stone gets oxidized when exposed to sun, air and light for a longer duration. In the absence of proper care and handling, a richly coloured amber gemstone will turn lighter over years whereas the colour of opaque amber gems get darker as the time passes by. Hence, it is always recommended to protect this gemstone from direct sunlight and high temperature. In this way, the beauty and charm of an amber gemstone can be retained for a longer time.

People of all ages can wear Amber stone. This fascinating natural gemstone is popular in various cultures for its share of mystical properties and aesthetic appeal. It is also interpreted as a lucky gemstone that bestows positivity, intellectual abilities and good health. It can also be worn by children and pregnant women due to its mild and soothing nature.

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