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Buying a gemstone can be an exciting experience given their mystical nature combined with their diverse colours and beauty. Gemstone are not just bought for jewellery purposes but also for astrological purposes and it is all about the gemstones, that fit in the range of your stars aligning in the right direction.

Whether you're buying a gemstone for astrological purpose or to be used as jewellery, we can help you find exactly what you're looking for. This by step guide will help you select the right gemstone that fits your budget with ease.

Since ancient times, gemstones have been worn for both astrological and jewellery purposes. The selection of a jewellery gemstone depends largely on its aesthetic value, quality, weight and durability. However, the criterion for selecting an astrological gemstone is more complex. It involves astrological calculations and requires an in- depth analysis of the individual’s horoscope (Kundli) by a learned astrologer. Since gemstones used for astrological purposes can have an effect on the career, finance, profession and personal life, we recommend consulting an expert astrologer prior to purchasing one.

Gemstones are not just worn as fashionable jewel stone but also for their astrological value and healing properties. It is a very important investment in one’s life and that is why it is necessary to be assured of the quality and authenticity of the gemstone to avoid any regrets later on. There many fraudulent gem dealers that trick you into buying a fake gem for a real one. As a buyer, you have to be aware of these common tricks employed by fraud dealers to sell spurious gemstones to their customers.

It is always advisable to buy gemstone from a reputed seller or a seller that you trust, who is also happy to clear all your doubts and answer your questions patiently. Investing in a genuine, lab certified gemstone and hallmarked jewellery that leaves no space for doubt is a good way to ensure the best value for your hard earned money. When purchasing a rare and expensive gemstone from a popular origin, one should be extra careful and must specifically rely only on the certificates issued by the reputed gem labs like IGI, GTL, GIA, GRS etc..

Gemstones can be best worn in the form of an ornament. The selection of a metal that compliment the gem’s physical and astrological properties is a crucial step to ensure maximum positive vibrations and sustain the gem’s quality for a longer time. Sometimes, vedic norms are also involved in the selection of the appropriate metal and jewellery design for an astrological gemstone. As per the scared vedas, each planet has been assigned a particular metal in which its gemstone gives out fruitful results.

Another important aspect is to ensure that the gemstone touches the wearer’s skin properly after being studded in a jewellery piece. This is of utmost importance since if the gemstone doesn’t touch the skin, the results might prove to be less effective. Those who believe in Pooja rituals, must follow the right vedic procedure to wear a gemstone (Ratna Dharan Karne Ki Vidhi ) to attai efficient benefits in their lifetime.

There are multiple factors that affect the authenticity, aestheticism, uniqueness and durability, which need to be considered before purchasing any gemstone. Before selecting a gemstone, it is imperative to know how a minor variation in quality, size or origin can bring a huge difference in the gemstone price. It is always good to be aware about the various aspects of the gemstone and have basic knowledge about it.

Colour, clarity, cut and carat weight are some conventional factors considered while purchasing a gemstone. However, from the astrological point of view, it is equally important to ensure that the gemstone is 100% natural and free from any sort of chemical treatment and interference (heating, dying and resin filling etc.) According to the experts, selecting a gemstone from a reputed geographical origin can be a good way to ensure premium quality.

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